~Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas~

Hello, friends!!

Happy Halloween!!! 🙂 …. But..wait! You didn’t ready for halloween? plus you don’t have time??!!!.. Ok ok.. No Panic! Today I will share with you easy last minute Halloween Makeup Ideas. So, Here we go!

1.Meow Girl 😀

It is really easy to make Cat girl makeup for everyone I think. You Don’t need lots of products. And this is the main advantage.


2. Creepy Doll

Creepy Doll look is one of my Favorite! 🙂


3. Sexy Vampire

Sexy, bloody vampire look!


4. Cleopatra

Why not to be Beautiful Cleopatra?


5.Flapper Girl

1920s Flapper Girl makeup is not only for Halloween but you can use this makeup in special days too 🙂


6.Native Indian Look

Sexy and at the  same time mysterious Native Indian Makeup.


That is all 🙂 Hope you the Best Halloween ever! 🙂






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