Review: [The Face Shop] Air Cotton Make Up Base~ 01 Mint

Hello, Friends!

Finally, I got my package today. It was the first time that I wait  this long for my purchase. So, for today I want to review my first product. It is The face shop Air cotton SPF 30 ++ make up base.


There are only two types available, 01 Mint and 02 Lavender. I choose Mint one because, Lanvender is to brighten the skin tone  but Mint is neutralises redness, blemishes and acne. I really like the package, it is quite simple white color package with a tint of a mint green.


Product Detail:

  • This base prepares skin before makeup application
  • Helps brighten skin for a vibrant & clear look
  • Smart seed Hawaiian clay renders a natural skin tone
  • Cotton content keeps skin moist & provides a smooth surface
  • High SPF protects skin from harmful UV rays
  • Refined texture & effortlessly glides on


When you first put this base it has slightly cooling effect. when I apply it I think that it is cakey  but not at all. It blended well into my skin and was absorbed real quick, leaving it moisturised, dewy and glowy. It has slight minty scent. Also, it reduced some redness around my cheek area. My BB cream is spread easily on top of this.

Generally, I recommend this product who has sensitive acne prone skin. I really like this product. And will think  repurchase it again.

Thank you for reading, XOXO !


Waiting for your thoughts! ^_^

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