Review: TONYMOLY Dust And The City Glue Foam Cleanser

Hello, my dear friends

I want to share my experience about TONYMOLY Dust And The City Glue Foam Cleanser. I am using this cleanser about 2 month and it is time for review it! Yeap, let’s start ^^


Product description:
Dust and the city is a Anti pollution skin care line. Effectively cleanses away impurities and harmful factors with its fine bubble having fine just absorption cleansing likes paste. Contains phytic acid and natural clear leaf complex (black tea, retinispora and lotus flower) providing protection shield for protecting skin from external irritation safely.

I think this product is good for daily cleansing. It is for all skin types. When I first wash my face it feels dry but then my face become soft. It clears all dirt, oil and makeup on my face. But, If you have oily skin like me and  want product that helps tightening pores and reducing face oil then it is not right choice. Because after 1 hour when I touch my face I saw that it is oily again. Oh, and it has whitening effect.

Texture is bubbly with blue plant ingredient. Smells like tea but not strong.

How to use:
Apply to damp skin and work up into a foam, avoiding the eye area. Rinse well with warm water after use.


So, my thoughts about this cleanser is ok but I will never purchase it again.

thanks for reading, xoxo! :*



Waiting for your thoughts! ^_^

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