Review: TonyMoly Dust And The City Claynetic Pack

I got my TonyMoly Dust And The City Claynetic Pack with TONYMOLY Dust And The City Glue Foam Cleanser. It was gift and it looks like this:



I used the mask several times. and now I will share my review. Here we go!


Product description:

The bubble clay wash- off pack makes the skin look clear by absorbing impurities and micro dust like a magnet while supplying oxygen to the skin.


Now my thoughts, The texture is bubbly and smells like a tea like a cleanser.20150819_00231220150819_002340

After applying the mask you can feel that it transforms bubbles and starts explodes. After 15 minute when it dry, wash it off. 20150819_002632

After washing the mask, my skin become really soft and clear. But, it says that it cleans pores, umm.. I don’t think so. I don’t saw any changes.

Generally, Good mask for feeling clear. It clears oil, dirt except pores.

Hope you liked it, xoxo! ;*




Waiting for your thoughts! ^_^

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