Skin79: I’m Purifying Sheet Mask Review





Hello,dear friends!

Today I want to review about another Korean brand Sheet Mask from Skin79. Recently I visited Korean cosmetic shop in my city and I got some stuff like eyebrow pencil, BB cream and this sheet mask. I used this mask yesterday and today i will share my thoughts. So, here we go:

More Clear and Health For Mild Clarifying Skin

Description: The refreshing pure cotton mask cares your skin clear and healthy. Lemongrass and Witch Hazel mildly soothe the redness skin from the stress and external stimulus,and patented ingredient composed of Thyme, Oregano helps restore the skin balance.



front back

First of all, packaging is not so cute or interesting like TonyMoly I’m Real sheet masks. Just, simple packaging as you see, nothing special.

How to use: If you used sheet mask before then it is the same thing. just, take  your mask open it and put on your face about 10-20 minutes.then take off your mask and gently pat the remaining liquid for absorption.

Texture is that of a soft cotton sheet soaked in a gel consistency liquid. It is so moist that, even after all that time, I still had to pat it on and work it into my skin.



It has a very beautiful scent. It smells like a rose. And I love it! 



One thing that I don’t like about this mask that it is to big and  not fits on  my face.





When I took the mask off, my face felt refreshed, moisturized, supple and elasticized, sensation that lasted for hours. It also cleared my redness areas.

As a conclusion, I’m very pleased with my first  Skin79 sheet mask experience. The results were visible immediately. Will I repurchase it again?! Maybe..because the size is big for my face. TonyMoly fits better than this mask.

That would be all for now…



Waiting for your thoughts! ^_^

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