Review:Tony Moly I’m real mask sheets


You know,summer is coming and we have to care our skin and masks are important part of our skincare routine. πŸ™‚ As i promise, i will share my thoughts about sheet masks πŸ™‚ I use tony moly i’m real sheet masks and i love them!There are 11 kinds of sheet masks in the range.tony-moly-I'm-real-mask-sheets

Lemon (brightening),
Tea tree (skin soothing)
 Tomato (radiance),
Aloe (moisturizing),
Pomegranate (elasticity),
Red wine (pore care),
 Seaweeds (skin purifying),
 Broccoli (vitality),
 Rice (clear skin),
 Avocado (nutrition),
 and Makgeoli (skin purifying).
I used lemon, tea tree,aloe,red wine,rice and makgeoli. They works very well. Firstly i bought them because of their packaging.Package are very nice. Then,the sheet mask is the best fit of all the sheet masks that i tried.It is not so big and the eye and mouth holes were well sized and perfectly placed,too.

I left this mask 30 minute or 1 hour.Actually,the time that my mask become dry.It is good that you don’t need to wash your face after using sheet mask.So,the result is my skin become  brighter, softer and smooth. It helps tightening my pores. The liquid absorbed pretty well.
Finally about scent.It doesn’t smells the ingredient(tea tree,red wine,aloe and etc.) that you use.It has special sweet scent but it is ok. I like the scent πŸ™‚ So,generally my thoughts is :
  • Nice packaging
  • Fit pretty well
  • Lots of liquid
  • Made my skin smooth,brighter and softer
  • Helps tightening my pores
  • low price($ 1.60)
  • i like scent

I will gave this 10/10!

I hope my review will help you,guys! xoxo!



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